When you think of a cairn terrier, most people think of Toto from Wizard of Oz.  Smart, loyal, and affectionate are words that are used to describe Dorothy!!!   

I had the advantage of spending the day with Dorothy while showing another dog to a potential adopter.  The potential adopter knew immediately that she was Dorothy!!!  (Guess you have a fan base Dorothy)  As we waited for the potential adopter to show up I got to see how Dorothy interacted with the other dogs.  

Dorothy started out the meet and greet with a good sniff of the potential adopters dog.  Smells like a Good Dog!!!!!

Just a little tummy rub and a kiss to another dog!!!!

Dorothy was soooo patient.  She waited for over an hour and was not fussy at all.  She sat by us, watched us with alertness but was very calm!!!

She has such dreamy eyes!!!  What a sweetie!!!!  She is day dreaming about a new life with her own home which includes a bed and bowl!!!

Dorothy has the most shiny hair.   You can see the shiny strands of red, brown and silver!!!  Such a beautiful dog!!!

Dorothy has such a cute tail!!!  I just had to add it to the pictures here!!!!!

She is such a happy dog!!!  Look at that face!!!!!

No dog shot is complete without a tongue action picture!!!   LOL!!!   

Think about adopting Dorothy!  She would be a great addition to the family!!!

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