All these dogs came from the Lancaster hoarder that had over 100 free-roaming UNALTERED dogs on their property surviving only on bread donations from a local bakery. They were living in squalor and without shelter. We've been able to get nearly 70 dogs off the property and 15 cats/kittens. Here are a few big dogs in boarding that we need to get out ASAP so we can go get the rest of the 7 dogs in Lancaster.
All dogs are:
1-2 years old
Great with dogs

Temps are FREEZING at night in Lancaster. We NEED to get the rest of the dogs out of there but we can only do so if we can get these dogs out of boarding. Our group took over 20 dogs so we are so full!!

MOOSE VIDEO (Sweet gentle giant Chow):

RAVEN VIDEO (Submissive, belly-up black retriever-shepherd mix ):

BODHI VIDEO (Golden lab mix):

ONYX (Black/white Lab retriever mix)

SKIPPY (Skinny black shepherd) can get along fine but his back legs are wonky. We are taking him to a vet to see if its hereditary/inbreeding or injury. He doesn't seem to be in pain.

If you are a rescue that can help take on one of these babies please contact me at

*We are good on food donations thanks to Jane and blankets thanks to Operation Blankets of Love.

Jessica Cliver
New Life K-9 Rescue