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Lancaster Hoarding Rescue Day 2

November 24, 2010
Lancaster Hoarding Rescue Day 2

Just got back from day 2 at Lancaster Hoarding Situation.
Got many dogs out, a huge THANK YOU to the few rescues that showed up. We brought up over 1,000 pounds on day 1. We pulled 8 dogs, many of them are big cases. At least 3 are pregnant (it seems all the female dogs WERE pregnant), 2 are missing eyes from coyote attacks and one is a puppy with deformed legs most likely from malnutrition. I also ended up bringing back a 11 cats and kittens. Thank you to Carol who adopted one, and a kitten rescue that took 6 of the kittens. I will be boarding the rest of the adults until a cat group can take them, hopefully by the end of the week. IF THERE ARE ANY CAT RESCUES THAT CAN TAKE AN ADULT OR TWO PLEASE CONTACT ME. All cats are so sweet, purring in their crates as they waited all day and ended up having no rescue to take them. They are good with cats and dogs.
A HUGE thank you to Operation Blankets of Love as well who responded to my request for bringing up blankets to keep these guys warm in the FREEZING night weather. They gave us as much as we wanted and they ROCK.
Got a great number of dogs out, around 50! All the moms with pups have been rescued, including the blind mama with pups. A majority of the small dogs got out but there are dogs left.

According to the "caretakers" there are still around 15-20 dogs on the property and 1 cat cat.
One dog is missing a foot, there are a few pups and small dogs and large breed dogs as well.

We were able to catch dogs today but they had no where to go so we released them and we hope that rescues can help tomorrow by taking the rest.

Remember the property is NOT enclosed so the dogs just come and go on their own.

They are NOT releasing the chickens, rabbit and turtles now.
Thank you Josue, for taking the time to find out this guys story and for alerting us to the situation and for all the volunteers that came out.

WE WILL BE THERE TOMORROW STARTING AT 12 noon-23607 E. Ave G., Lancaster CA 93535 and I really hope to get rest of the animals out. Thank you to the hundreds and hundreds of emails for help!!



Lancaster Hoarding Rescue Day 1

November 24, 2010
URGENT: Surprise-ANOTHER LANCASTER HOARDER!! 100 + animals eating only BREAD and EACH OTHER. Nice dogs, cats, rabbits, fowl, tortoise!

Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2010

PLEASE WATCH VIDEO: If there are any solid rescues/rescuers that can step up and help take any dogs that would be amazing. The "caretaker" is willing to release all animals. There are 100+ animals living on this property, have been eating BREAD only.  Some dogs are turning to eating trash and a few are resorting to cannibalism as they've been so hungry. Animals need out ASAP before the snow comes, they say all the dogs CRY at night because it is so very cold. There is inadequate shelter, they are living in squalor.  I know everyone is very full and rescues have been burned with hoarding situations. If any rescues can step up either BEFORE they enter the shelter or AFTER they are in the shelter please do so. Animal control has been contacted.

  • Lancaster, CA
  • approx 75 dogs
  • none are spayed-neutered, many are pregnant
  • 2 big momma dogs with tiny puppies
  • living in squalor
  • dog-friendly, small dogs, large dogs and cats all roam together
  • most are very friendly with people
  • 10-15 kittens around 2-3 months and a few adult cats
  • 20-30 fowl-chicken, pigeons
  • 2 desert tortoises
  • dozens of rabbits
  • dogs have been "surviving" by eating only bread and tortillas-we took dog food to last a few days until animal control comes or rescues can assist
  • dogs are not enclosed, they are free-roaming in the middle of hills
  • many dogs have been attacked or eaten by coyotes when they roam to find food
  • 1 blind large breed dog, 2 small breed dogs with missing eyes, 1 dog with missing front foot

We were able to take out 4 adults, 3 are pregnant moms, 2 have only 1 eye from injuries and a puppy with malformed legs.

There are so many left and its too much for even a handful of rescues. Contact if you can help.

Thank you,