Scout, or Scoutie as I like to call him is so darn cute!  

This dog does not realize that he is a dog, he will sit and look at you when talking to him like he really is soaking up all your wisdom.   Most times I catch Scout looking at the horizon thinking about stuff.   Obviously not dog stuff!  LOL   Probably wondering why he has to hang around all the dogs so much.

His fur is so soft, very silky like!!!  Some dogs hair is rough, but not Scout, soft like a Maltese!  Maybe he has some Maltese in him,  

I have to admit, I love little Scout back end and tail.   He has a little nub of a tail and those cute little terrier legs just make me smile.

Now that is a cute doggie Butt!!!!

Scout is not your average dog, like I said, he thinks he is human.  So he needs a special wonderful adopter.

Scout would be perfect in a one dog home, with a human that wants to make him their buddy!  Scout will hang out with you and sit next to you and let you tell him all your secrets and ambitions.   He thinks it would be cool to go on a vacation or small trip together.   BUT don't go anywhere with some Bananas!  Scout is CRAZY about bananas!!!!  Just try to eat one without sharing!     He also loves apples and carrots!

Check out this video of him begging for bananas!!!!  

If you want to meet Scout, please fill out an application at our website